Altechnica alternativenergy


Altechnica draws on 30+ years of experience in alternative energy technologies.

Altechnica can review your renewable energy, energy saving and carbon reduction options and tailor solutions according to your requirements.

Altechnica can

 Estimate current energy consumption & assess end-use needs.

 Identify on-site alternative energy sources; e.g. wind, solar, ground, water or ambient energy.

 Estimate on-site electricity, heat and hot water production.

 Assess scope for biofuels for heat, hot water, electricity or transport.

 Review neighbourhood scale community renewable energy solutions.

 Assess potential for hybrid renewable energy technologies.

 Carry out system sizing and design of alternative energy systems.

 Estimate capital costs, energy production and CO2 abatement and liase with suppliers.

 Review potential for time-shift energy solutions.

 Assess potential for renewable energy for transport.

 Assess potential for renewable energy enhanced food production/edible gardens.

 Advise on planning, zero energy architecture & building integrated solutions..

 Provide complete architecture + alternative energy design service.


Altechnica has a 19 year track record of carrying out a range of commissions in these fields for a variety of clients including:-

Government departments

Local government

Housing associations




Small & large private companies

Private individuals

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